Step-by-Step Tinder Dating System Creates Automatic Results
Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147

Since the release of The Algorithm, the results and reviews have been flooding in...

Needless to say they have been pretty outstanding, I couldn't be happier with the students of the algorithm putting this program into action.

All ethnicities, the men with height disadvantages, the men with no hair left on their head, EVERY MAN that has purchased the algorithm has seen results outside their own reality. 

Why? Because The Algorithm works...
Imagine If You Could Get Dates From Tinder EVERYDAY Without Ever Having to Think Again...

Regardless of your,

Physical Appearance,

Imagine If all you had to do was copy ONE algorithm that entices women that YOU choose to want to go on a date with you before you've even messaged them...
Tinder Should Be That Easy...
If you're anything like most guys you...

1. spend large amounts of time trying to construct the perfect bio just so you can attract a couple of matches...

2. sit with your phone in your face for hours trying to think of the wittiest response to send to your match to try and keep the conversation alive...

3. the most common responses you get are uninterested one word answers...

Sounds familiar, right?

What if I told you those things happen because you're approaching Tinder wrong...

Once you learn the proper way to approach tinder...

You Will Have More Dates Than You Know What to do With...
I Couldn't have made this any easier for you. NEVER again will you have to put any thought into your tinder profile or messages...

EVERYTHING is structured and ready to be copied, It couldn't be more black and white...

You'll learn:

- Profile Photos (What works, what doesn't, and how to use photos to target the girls you want)
- Bio's (Good and bad examples, How to Reflect your personality and Polarize for the girls you want)
- Niche Targeting (A technique NEVER touched on before, I show you how to attract YOUR EXACT type in ABUNDANCE)
- Messaging On Tinder (I show you my Funnels, and how to construct your own so you NEVER have to think about what you're going to reply again...)
- Texting (I go through what to say to get girls on dates to YOUR HOUSE)
- Dates (Me and Brian Black teach you Exactly how to plan Optimal Logistics on dates, How to escalate, Lead, Pull, and so much More)
- Rotations (Me and Brian Black hand down all our experience on keeping girls around, We give you Advanced mind frames to set yourself up for extreme results)

All this information has been learned over 6 YEARS of using Tinder, I have tested and formulated exactly what got me results so you can copy it...

The result?

The Algorithm...
Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147
Here's what you get when you invest in The Algorithm Today
Photo Structure - Do's & Don'ts
In this segment I go into clear detail on What photos WORK, and the photos that don't. 

You will learn how to take the correct photos to attract the girls you actually WANT in your life, rather than settling for whatever you can get...
Bio Structure - COPY & PASTE
What if you never had to think of another Tinder bio again?

In this segment I teach you the PROVEN best Bio to use, Not only that...

I teach you how to implement it, so that it's screening girls FOR you and attracting the specific type of girl YOU want in ABUNDANCE.
Niche Targeting
Imagine if you could not only attract an abundance of women, but an abundance of women that you actually WANT in your life.

Now Imagine your exact type chasing YOU. 

In this segment I teach you how to get your type of girl to CRAVE you. I will show you how to become everything they've been looking for. 

You will NEVER have to put thought into tinder again, These girls will be asking YOU to come over...
Message Funnel - The Automated System
I know for me, the messages were always the part I struggled with the most...

I was never able to close the deal, I always wasted too much time trying to get the girl to love me through being witty, or just straight up getting ignored because I didn't have a good enough response...

Well in this part of the course, You will learn how to close EVERY girl...

Alongside your perfectly pieced together profile, with my messaging funnel, closing the deal couldn't be easier...
Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147
When you order today,
You'll get all of these HARDCORE
How To Build Rotations - Advanced Techniques FEATURING Brian Black
You WILL have more dates and lays than you know what to do with after you go through The Algorithm, But...

How do you keep the girls around after?

A lot of guys would mess this up, I know I have plenty of times...

In this video me and Brian Black hammer in the ADVANCED mindsets and strategies you need to keep a steady rotation of women that add value to your life and on top of that we teach you how to manage it so YOU are the one in control...
Dates - Escalating, Pulling, 
And Setting up Perfect Logistics
Brian Black & I breakdown how to set up and run a date PERFECTLY so that YOU maximize your lays.

You Will Learn:

- How to escalate on a date to guarantee she will be HOT for you.
- How to set up Dates for fucking 100% of the time.
- How to manage difficult Logistics on dates and how to adapt to difficult Situations.
- How to get laid if you have bad pulling logistics.
Instagram DMs - The New Gen Dating Site
Have you ever come across a girl on instagram that you wanted to get over to your place, but didn't have the platform to message her?

In THIS long awaited bonus, I teach you how to Message girls on Instagram and get them on dates/to your place...

I show you how I get girls to respond without following me back, and set up a meet without wasting days getting to know them...
EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group
Join a community of guys crushing it on Tinder and getting results.

You'll be able to mastermind and get feedback from everyone including me.

You can ask about your bio/messages/etc. and have all your questions answered.
Get all of these BONUSES Now Before the Timer Runs Out
Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147
This is how simple Tinder can be...
Who is Leon White?
Hey man, I am a French/Irish Catholic Raised child, and if you don't know much about Catholicism in those regions, they don't fuck around... 

I've always had parents holding me back from going out and being the person I wanted to be, They were unbudging on the idea that I had to settle down have a wife, kids, and a job to support that life...
By the time I turned 16 I was already on dating sites trying to teach myself to have Options...
I had little to no experience with women, I had NO IDEA what girls found attractive on a dating profile...

I was putting up terrible photos of myself, with boring Bios and even WORSE Messages. 

I was lucky if I got a match, let alone a response...

I had it all wrong... 
Now? I've been with over 300 women from Tinder alone...
And most of those dates in ONE YEAR.

I have cracked the code... 

I have spent years working out how to perfectly execute a dating profile to attract the exact type of woman I want, in numbers I struggle to keep up with...

You could have these results TODAY, Im not kidding...

Other Online Dating products have NEVER touched upon what I go in depth about, 


Because they don't have the results they say they're getting.

I've been using Online dating apps for 7 years, Way back to Hot or Not. So when it comes to setting up profiles correctly, messaging to close, and getting dates from apps, I have it down to a science.

You can save yourself 5 years of trying to figure out what to say to girls on tinder to turn them on, What bio and photos you need to optimize your matches, and how to close and get RESULTS...

In a few hours you could be scheduling your first Tinder date...

What are you waiting for? Start TODAY.
Normally $249 - Today Just $147
Why is it just $147 today?
Don't be fooled by the low price.

There are programs on the market right now selling for $997+ that don't offer this level of value.

I'm giving you this irresistible offer for a couple reasons...

First off, it's not too expensive for the majority of guys on the planet.

Secondly, I know when you allow me to over-deliver for you...

It will build a level of trust that pays off for both of us in the future.

Remember, there are more ground breaking, knowledge-bombs in this training experience than you'll get reading a dozen dating books, surfing on forums or wasting hours on youtube. 

These concepts have worked for thousands of other guys just like yourself...

In my biased opinion it's a total no-brainer.

And let's be HONEST...

You've already thrown away thousands of dollars on drinks at the bar, dinners, movies, concerts, cold approaching, jewelry and buying other crap you don’t need to try and impress women...

You can continue to waste money on those things and still not get what you want... 

Or you can make the decision right now to invest in yourself and live the life of your dreams.
Choose wisely,
Leon White
Normally $249 - Today Just $147
Frequently Asked Questions
How does The Algorithm Work?
The Algorithm is a system I have created over 7 Years of overall dating app use. 

It is a completely repeatable black and white Algorithm that will teach you step by step how to structure your Tinder profile for maximum results, but not just results for generic Tinder matches, This product will teach you how to attract the Matches you WANT by moulding your profile into the type of profile the girl your after would CRAVE.
Will this work if I'm a minority/ugly/short?

Everyone is capable of communicating their most attractive self on Tinder/Online Dating. You'll be learning how to craft your bio to be irresistible regardless of your current situation.
Will you be teaching pickup lines and gimmicks?

The Algorithm is about being attractive at your core so you don't need pickup lines and gimmicks. By learning and implementing the concepts, you'll be able to attract girls with your natural personality.
How fast will I see results?
This is ultimately down to you, and the action you take following the program. 

You should see results in 1-2 hours when executed properly, The product contains everything you need to create a strong impression.
I'm a beginner, is this right for me?
Absolutely. By starting off with The Algorithm you will learn the most raw & effective structure to attracting women of your choice in abundance.

Unlike most guys, you won't waste your time with "techniques" that don't work. You will be given the tools and structure to guaranteed success.
Is this a one time investment?
Yes. The $147 is a one-time payment.
Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147
More Pictures of TYPICAL Results
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Normally $249.00 - Today Just $147
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